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Now Seeking Value-Add Investments


Real Estate Agents: We Want to Be Your Client


Agent Partnerships

Beachworks specializes in acquiring value-add investments and underdeveloped properties is King & Snohomish Counties.

Represent us as your new client. We’re on the lookout for:

  • Value-add investments
  • Single-family rehab flips
  • In-fill sites
  • Shoreline properties under the new zoning change
  • Multi-family build 10-20 units.

We’ll work with you to save you time and build your portfolio through a trustworthy, local client who has over 10 years of experience developing in the greater Seattle area.

The Benefits of Working with Us

A local, family-owned client with a great reputation that you can always count on

Stay up to date with our projects so you can be among the first pick to sell them off

Potential for cash offers on properties you represent and follow-through on all projects