The Coolest Smart Home Tech and How It Works

Oct 24, 20190 comments

Smart home technology is popping up everywhere. Whether you live in a new construction or older home, it’s easy to integrate smart home devices into your life. According to research from Architectural Digest, the smart home devices market will surpass $100 billion by the end of 2019. NPR and Edison research say 21% of the U.S. population now own a smart speaker (think Amazon Echo or Google Home) and 69% of those said they use the device daily. Adoption of smart home devices continues to grow fast.

Smart home technology can be used for security, privacy and energy savings, so it’s no wonder why homeowners and buyers alike are now demanding those features. You can set up devices to control and monitor almost everything in your home in a virtual “Internet of Things,” and the possibilities are growing every day. Here’s a look at some of the coolest smart home tech and how it works.

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Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems are usually a collection of devices meant to do multiple monitoring tasks in your home. The devices most people are familiar with are Ring Doorbell and security camera systems, but there are plenty of other devices to help keep you safe. Smart locks, which can be installed in place of a regular door lock, can be activated from afar. This feature can be really convenient if you’re living in a multi-story home and forgot to check if the front door is locked before bed. All you have to do is give Alexa a pre-set command like, “Alexa, lock the front door” and she will know which door to lock when you give that command. Contact alarms and motion sensor devices are also part of the package, but those have been around longer.

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Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are mostly used for saving homeowners money by reducing redundant usage and increasing efficiency. If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store and need to check in your fridge to see if you already have an item, you can look at your smart fridge camera on your phone. Devices like Nest and other home energy appliances allow you to adjust the temperature in your home and learn your living patterns, reducing your energy consumption. There are microwaves and ovens that know how to cook food to perfection just by scanning a bar code. Smart home appliances offer more than just convenience though. For example, you could install smart home leak detection devices that can shut off the water supply if they detect a leak in your bathroom or water heater area.

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Smart Entertainment

Convenience and leisure are a large part of the interest in smart home technology. Speakers, TVs and lighting can all be integrated into a smart home hub. Then, just by using a simple command like, “Alexa, play The Beatles,” music can be played throughout your home speaker system. Smart TV’s can queue up your favorite shows from apps like Netflix without the need for a separate device. Smart home lighting can be installed through either smart home light switches or plugs and controlled with pre-set commands.

Smart Home Devices for Pets

What’s smart home technology good for if you can’t use it to make life easier for you and Fido? Smart home tech is popping up even for pets. At home, pet cameras are increasingly popular for monitoring and interacting with your pets from afar. There is even a pet camera that will throw treats to your dog. Smart dog collars allow owners to keep track of their pets with GPS tracking so you won’t risk losing your dog if he runs away. Smart collars also allow owners to set boundaries, virtual fences and can track activity and health. A smart pet door works in coordination with a chip on your pet’s collar to only open the door when your pet is nearby – so other intruders can’t enter your house through the pet door.

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Smart home technology currently seems like a thing that homeowners could adopt for mere convenience⁠—not necessity. And there are still privacy and hacking concerns swirling around the use of such devices in the intimate setting of our homes. However, more and more homeowners are buying in for reasons related to safety, security and health. Time magazine predicts that smart devices connected to an “Internet of Things” will monitor every aspect of a home and the people living inside it in ten years time. Beachworks LLC’s new construction properties come equipped with smart home devices such as the Ring doorbell, smart door lock and smart speaker system. Stop by one of our open houses at any of the properties below to see some smart home tech in action for yourself!

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The Coolest Smart Home Tech and How It Works
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