Happy Holidays from Beachworks!

Dec 25, 20170 comments

This week, we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled postings to spend time with our family and loved ones, and hope you are able to do the same.

We just wanted to take a moment and wish you and your family a very happy holiday and a wonderful and safe New Years. We’re excited to continue to serve the Seattle community and the neighborhoods we grew up in throughout 2018 and beyond.

Whether you’re a homeowner, an investor, a builder, or just someone with an interest in real estate, thank you for being a part of our wonderful community. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we’re so grateful for our neighbors and community who have let us grow along with them. Let’s continue working together to move Seattle forward in a way that benefits everyone who lives here to the best of our abilities.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years!


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