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Beachworks is your guide to the Seattle real estate market. If you’re looking for a way to sell your home as-is or have questions about how new zoning affects your property value, we’ve got your back.  Reach out to us to inquire about any of the following:


    • You’re interested in selling your Seattle home with  a flexible, transparent, all-cash offer
    • You’d like a straight-forward quote for your home
    • You have an inquiry relating to one of our team members reaching out to you at some point
    • You saw a flyer/ad/heard about us from a friend and want to learn more
    • …or anything else related to our acquisitions side!


    • You’ve seen one of our developments and would like to learn more
    • You’re a builder looking for qualified land in the Seattle area
    • You’ve got land in the Seattle area that you’d like us to develop
    • …or anything else related to our development side!

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