About Us

Who is Beachworks?

The Beachworks Story

Beachworks was born in our family’s South Sound family cottage—the place where our parents instilled in us the values that guide us today. It’s the place where the vision for providing real solutions, with an honest and professional approach, was born.

During our time here, we’ve seen the change in our community happen right before our eyes. We decided that if changes were happening anyway, we wanted to have a say in them.

For three generations, Beachworks has been investing in real estate to create futures for families in the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to finding projects where we can truly add value for our clients while creating a positive impact on local communities.

Our Vision

To enhance culture, opportunities, and knowledge while adding value to our clients and community.

Our Mission

To facilitate opportunities by working, learning, and having fun together while building a legacy of values, community, and philanthropy for future generations.

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Years in Business

Our Values



It is our most valuable asset. We will conduct our business with integrity and professionalism; being known for giving back to the community.


Seek out and take advantage of educational opportunities that develop additional skills and/or market knowledge.


Balance is a key to the success of Beachworks. Maintaining a good balance between work and family is important to a better quality of life

Market Knowledge

Seek out and take advantage of educational opportunities that develop additional skills and/or market knowledge.


We will invest based on target parameters and profitability goals.


Select competent professionals as necessary to help fulfill our mission and values.

The Beachworks Team

Our team of professionals loves to work hard, have fun, and make a difference in our local community. We work closely together to build up the city we all know, love and have made memories in.

Our Favorite Seattle Hangouts

Golden Gardens

Zoka Coffee Shop

Alki Beach

Lincoln Park

El Chupacabra Mexican Restaurant

Green Lake

Space Needle

Fremont Troll

Kerry Park

Volunteer Park

Skillet Diner

Portage Bay Cafe

Dick's Drive In

University Ave

Discovery Park

Seattle Japanese Garden

Seattle Art Museum