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Beachworks was born in our family’s South Sound family cottage – the place where our parents instilled in us the values that guide us today. It’s the place where the vision for providing real solutions, with an honest and professional approach, was born.

During our time here, we’ve seen the change in our community happen right before our eyes. We decided that if changes were happening anyway, we wanted to have a say in what happens.


Questions include:

How can I get an all-cash offer on my home?

How can I sell my home privately?

When I sell my house, do I have to clean it or make repairs beforehand?

Should I sell my house traditionally or sell off market and get an all-cash offer & quick close?


3 Ways Rezoning Boosts Affordable Housing in Seattle

As home prices continue to rise in and around our city, affordable housing in Seattle becomes a hot topic among transplants and long-time residents alike. The need to create housing for low-income families has reached a crucial point where something must be done to...

The Pros and Cons to Selling Home As Is Versus Fixing It Up

Selling a home, especially in today's market, requires a lot of tough decisions to be made. Not only do you need to find a new home in your desired area, but you also need to decide how much work you're willing to put in to make your home sell at full market value....

How Does Zoning Affect Property Value in Seattle?

If you've been following Seattle's housing market developments at all, you've seen the changes that the Emerald City has been going through in regards to real estate. Our city's population growth is so large that the city is scrambling to find ways to add more...

4 Questions to Ask When You Inherit a House

Inheriting a house is never a simple process. Not only does it often get complicated, but it may also take place during an emotional time after a loved one has passed away. We've seen that when someone has inherited a home from their parents, there's often so much...