Beachworks Gives Back to Make Holiday Season Brighter for Families

Dec 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Beachworks LLC, a local family-owned real estate investment company, is giving back to the community with a donation of toys, gift cards, and clothing to the YWCA of Seattle Adopt-a-Family program.

Beachworks is committed to facilitating opportunities by working, learning, and having fun together while building a legacy of values, community, and philanthropy for future generations. This year’s holiday donation is going toward the fostering of family values that is key to the sense of community we work hard to develop. We’ve partnered with YWCA of Seattle to provide nearly $1,000 in donations to a stress-free holiday experience for families struggling to afford a normal Christmas.

Heather Ekstrom, one of the partners of our family-owned company, says, “I’m so excited to be able to use our company’s resources to give back to the community that we’ve grown up in. Being able to provide the perfect family Christmas is always a struggle, and even more so when outside difficulties come into play. I’m just so grateful we are able to help provide the joy and magic of the holiday season to someone else.”

The YWCA of Seattle’s Adopt-a-Family program provides a Christmas for those who may not be able to have one otherwise. Nichelle Hilton, Divisional Resources Coordinator at YWCA of Seattle-King-Snohomish Co explains:

“We believe every child should know Santa will find them no matter what, regardless of if they are living in a car, hotel, shelter, or transitional housing. We work with great companies like Beachworks in the community to sponsor families, giving children the awe of opening presents on Christmas morning. Without this partnership, these children would go without, and we wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. THANK YOU to Beachworks for their generous support and spirit of Christmas giving!”

Beachworks LLC is proud to partner with this empowering organization to move our community forward. We’ve been investing in real estate to create futures for families in the Pacific Northwest for over three generations. During our time here, we’ve seen the change in our community happen right before our eyes.

We decided early on that if changes were happening anyway, we wanted to have a say in what happens. That’s why we’re partnering with organizations such as YWCA Seattle in combination with our real estate services to build up a community of family values and inclusiveness.

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